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Choose the Correct Hospital Bed

Posted on: August 16th, 2011 in Hospital Beds by medicaldepartmentstore |

Full-Electric Hospital Bed versus Semi-Electric Hospital beds:

Full-Electric bed: Head, foot, and bed height is adjustable via the hand control. The full-electric bed has an additional motor for raising/lowering bed height.

Semi-Electric bed: Head and foot are adjustable with the hand control, the bed can be raised/lowered, but with a manual handcrank (this usually set to a good height for the patient and left at that position).

HI- Low Hospital Bed- Are used for patient that suffer from falls and disorientation at night, the bed lowers to just inches above the floor at night and raises to standard height for ease of use

Manual Hospital Bed – Head and foot are both adjustable, however a crank is required to operate the bed

1)The convenience for both the caretaker and the patient makes the price difference insignificant.
2)Easier for patient to get into or out of bed by using simple hand pendant control.
3)Patient may want the bed low to the ground while sleeping, and higher for getting up and out of the bed.

**Please Note: That both the Semi Electric & the Full Electric beds can be operated by a hand crank in the event of power failure. The hand crank is included with each bed.

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