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Travel again with Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 in Portable Concentrators by medicaldepartmentstore |

Travel again with Portable Oxygen Concentrators


If you now use Medical Oxygen on a regular basis, you will most likely need Portable Oxygen whenever you travel.

There are several types of portable oxygen concentrators available for use when traveling, however, not all types are allowed for use during flight. Medical Department Store prides itself on the ability to offer the advice needed to select the appropriate POC (portable oxygen concentrator), with the expertise to help you choose the system that is right for your travel plans, your health requirements, and your personal preferences.

Policies concerning the use of oxygen inflight vary among all airlines. Contact your airline or check your airline’s Web site to obtain its specific guidelines on oxygen use during flight

Currently most airlines will require a “Physician’s Statement,” a written authorization signed by your physician verifying your need for oxygen therapy. This document will also outline your oxygen delivery requirements that you and the airline need to know.

Currently the following models are FFA approved for travel:

If your system is not a FAA-approved POC, you will not be permitted to take it with you or used on the aircraft.

When flying it is the responsibility of client to provide a sufficient number of batteries to power the concentrator for the duration of the flight. Most airlines require that the client have 3 times the flights length in batteries to board the flight.

POC units may be rented or purchased. Since they can be run on batteries or a power source, some models can run up to 8 hours on a single charge, with a few extra charged batteries and extended travel options also available.

Whether cruising, flying or traveling by car, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator can give you the independence and the ability to visit, and travel again!


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