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What Is Vaginal Prolapse?

Posted on: October 27th, 2012 in Pessary by medicaldepartmentstore |

What Is Vaginal Prolapse?

Vaginal prolapse occurs when the structures around the pelvis elongate and attenuate and there is a breakdown of the ligament and floor muscles. This causes the entire area to be inefficient in supporting the uterus, which then, recedes into the canal in the vagina.

A woman’s vagina is a complex arrangement, holding the pelvic tissues, organs, and the anatomy in its proper place. Part of that support structure is the fascia, the muscles located on the walls of vagina, and its skin. In a case of a vaginal prolapse, the support structure will dislodge from their expected positions.

If left untreated, the uterine prolapse will cause further progression of the anatomy to descend farther into the vaginal opening.

Types of Vaginal Prolapse

There are five types of uterine prolapse that can be diagnosed:

Rectocele- Also known as the prolapse of the rectum, the rectocele includes the prolapse of fascia.

Cystocele- This is the bladder prolapse that happens when the fascia prolapses. Thus, the bladder will prolapse towards the vagina.

Enterocele- This results when fascia’s front and back separate, causing the intestines to advance against the skin of  the vagina.

Prolapsed uterus- The prolapse involves the womb, wherein, the ligaments on the vagina’s top portion weaken, causing the uterus to plummet.

Vaginal vault prolapse- This type of vaginal prolapse is common after hysterectomy because the uterus also acts as a supporter of the vagina.

A pessary is a medical device which when inserted into the vagina, acts as a support structure. This support helps balance the uterus, bladder, vagina, and rectum. In most cases, the pessary device is used to treat women with vaginal prolapse.

It is especially helpful if the prolapse is cystocele or a rectocele. It is also used for women who suffer from incontinence.


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