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Mobility for All

Posted on: December 13th, 2012 in Uncategorized by MDSBlogger |

We all know that the aging process can take a toll on our mobility. Whether it is arthritis, hip or knee replacement surgery or another medical condition, our ability to get around will most likely become compromised as we grow older.

A mobility scooter gives those with mobility the opportunity for more independence and freedom in their lives.

For those that like to travel throughout the year or want to stay as independent as possible, decreased mobility can mean making sacrifices. However, mobility scooters, like those carried by Medical Department Store, provide users with many benefits.

The right mobility scooter can help you or a loved one stay more independent. There’s no need for someone to push you in a wheelchair or hold your arm as you walk from room to room in your home. A full battery charge take you 15-20 miles with most mobility scooters, giving you or your loved one a chance to run errands independently if they are nearby. It also makes navigating larger grocery and department stores easier.

Using a mobility scooter also helps cut down on falls and other accidents. Since you’re already seated, there is no chance of tripping or slipping and hurting yourself. This prevents expensive trips to the hospital for bruises, fractures, broken bones and concussions.

At Medical Department Store, we carry a wide variety of three and four-wheeled scooters. Our travel scooters are designed to be disassembled and broken down into a few lightweight pieces for easy transport when traveling. We also carry mobility scooters that are bigger, sturdier and designed to get you around town easily. Finally, our heavy duty and all-terrain scooters are built to last and conquer the outdoors.

The right mobility scooter can give you or a loved back the ability to get around easily and pain-free. Browse our online store to see all of our models, or give us a call with any questions regarding how you can get a mobility scooter today.

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