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Geri Chairs: Comfort, Healing, Mobilization and Style

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 in Geri Chairs by MDSBlogger |

Why do we love the Geri Chair?  For many over the past year, it has been the most comfortable, yet versatile seating solution for a patient or loved who requires assistance because of physical restraints.  The major benefits of the Geri Chair are ergonomic support for the user and transitional assistance for the caregiver.

We supply a wide variety of Geri Chairs for people of all abilities and needs.

Geri Chair Comfort

For the user, comfort is key.  Geri Chairs offer ergonomic support from head to toe. The Geri Chair design features an adjustable headrest for ideal neck support, contoured back for lumbar support and an adjustable footrest for optimum foot elevation.  These chairs allow for patients to remain comfortable in the seated position for hours or recline complete for resting.

Geri Chair Healing

The Geri Chair design also offers healing for those with leg fatigue, lower limb fractures or edema.  To help with recovery, this chair can be adjusted to elevate the feet to a desired level for optimum healing.

Geri Chair Mobilization

One of the largest benefits of the Geri Chair is its ability to transition into a mobility device.  The narrow design of the Geri Chair allows for easy movement through doorways or hallways without the need to transition the patient to a wheelchair or transport chair.

Geri Chair Style

We carry a wide variety of Geri Chair colors and styles to fit any home or medical facility.  At Medical Department Store, we carry a large range of Geri Chair styles including:

Each of these styles offers different assistance to the caregiver and different support to the patient.  Call us today to discuss which Geri Chair would be right for you!

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