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Hospital Beds: Bringing Comfort and Flexibility to Home Care

Posted on: March 15th, 2013 in Hospital Beds by MDSBlogger |

Being confined to a bed for the majority of every day is not a choice many people would take. Unfortunately for some, this is a fact of life as a result of a debilitating disease or an injury. But while many of you may be thinking, “All day in bed sounds great!” you may be surprised to know it can have several adverse effects on your health. The most important of which is developing pressure ulcers.

Home hospital beds, like this one, provide comfort and flexibility at home.

Pressure ulcers form on parts of the body that are in contact with surfaces for long periods of time. The friction between the skin and the surface, as well as the body weight placed on that area of the body causes the skin to break down over time. This results in a painful open wound.

Hospital beds can help prevent this in a number of ways. First, they are adjustable, meaning that your bodyweight and how it is distributed can be changed over the course of the day. This doesn’t allow for skin breakdown to occur. There are also different types of mattresses and overlays that can help distribute your weight better to prevent the development of pressure ulcers.

There are also other kinds of hospital beds: bariatric, electric, semi-electric and manual beds. While each of these are powered in different ways, they all offer similar benefits. The beds can be adjusted to different heights and positions. They also are wheeled with ability to be locked in place, allowing for easy movement of the bed. They can also be fitted with a number of accessories designed to enhance the experience of the bed user.

Medical Department Store offers a wide selection of hospital beds for home care, so if you, a loved one, or someone you know is a good candidate for one, let them know that we can help. Feel free to browse our online catalog for yourself to see how we can help!

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