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ROHO Wheelchair Cushions: Comfort and Prevention

Posted on: March 27th, 2013 in Uncategorized by MDSBlogger |

Most of us don’t use wheelchairs, but our desk jobs can often give us a glimpse into one of the major difficulties wheelchair users face. Think of how you feel when after a long day of sitting at your desk. The parts of your body that have been in contact with your chair – the backs of your legs, tailbone, and back – may feel sore. Of course, you can get up and stretch and go grab some coffee so you’re not sitting throughout the duration of your work day.

Wheelchair seats like this one with little to no padding can cause pressure sores to develop.

Those in wheelchairs, however, have to sit in them hour after hour, day after day. This constant contact with their chair puts them at risk for developing pressure ulcers. These open sores develop on areas of the body that are continuously in contact with surfaces where friction is created. The body weight focused on these areas is also another cause of the pressure ulcers.

Since these sores are very tricky to treat once they have formed, prevention is key. Luckily for wheelchair users, Medical Department Store offers wheelchair cushions from ROHO to help prevent pressure ulcers from developing, as well as cushions that help in their treatment. The key to this are the many different air “cells” in the cushion that help to distribute the user’s weight more efficiently. These prevents skin breakdown from occurring in certain areas since the weight is more spread out.

Medical Department Store carries different varieties of ROHO cushions for certain needs:

  • High-profile: early to late stage ulcer development, lack of sensation, high risk of skin breakdown
  • Mid-profile: for prevention or those with moderate skin breakdown
  • Low-profile: for those at risk of skin breakdown and still have the ability to shift weight

We also carry ROHO mattresses for those who are confined to bed, as well as ROHO cushions for motorcycles and regular chairs. If you or a loved one are at risk for developing pressure ulcers or just need more comfort when using a wheelchair, contact us about a ROHO wheelchair cushion today!

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