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Don’t Fall This Summer: Tips To Reduce Falls – Part 2

Posted on: July 24th, 2013 in Falls by MDSBlogger |

Just one fall can result in an older person ending up in hospital, nursing home or even death. Falls result in countless cuts, hip fractures, broken bones or head injuries every year. Studies show that falls are the most common cause of head or brain injuries which accounted for almost half of deaths in 2011.

While obviously both men and women fall, men are 34 percent more likely to fall than women. So what can you do keep yourself fall-free and healthy? As we continue to talk about falls this month, here are more tips to keep upright:

  • Keep the things you use most often accessible and handy. Ask for help when getting things from higher cupboards. Avoid reaching and climbing.
  • Ask for help when carrying heavier objects. Never try to lift or carry heavy or  large objects alone.
  • Long nightgowns, robes or coats  or log pant legs that may cause tripping. Keep them shorter.
  • Avoid slippery soles, high heels or sloppy shoe laces.
  • Considering taking strength training and balance classes at your local hospital or  senior center.
  • Be careful of medications. Combining various prescriptions and over-the-counter  medicines may increase your fall risk.
  • Watch your  blood pressure. Certain medications can cause a sudden drop in blood  pressure when you stand or move quickly leading to a fall.
  • Don’t  stand up too quickly. Never go from laying flat to standing without sitting up first.
  • Sit in chairs with arms and without wheels that can move and cause falls.

Look around your home or the home of a parent who may have troubles with falls. What simple changes could you make to help reduce falls in the home?

Medical Department Store carries lift chairs and grab bars that can help to reduce falls.  Talk to one of our equipment specialist today to learn how to you home and life safer.

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