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Creating a Safer Bathroom

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 in Bathroom Safety by MDSBlogger |

There’s a lot of danger out in the world today. Watching the nightly news can make you afraid to even walking out your front door for fear of catching the flu, getting cancer from something you never thought could give you cancer or the million other horrible things that are reported on night after night. However, for seniors there is a danger in your home right now, something that you may not even notice because you use it multiple times every day. Medical Department Store is referring to your bathroom, and it is more dangerous than you think.

The bathroom is the number one place that seniors have accidents that result in fractured hips, bone bruises and other serious injuries. Bathroom injuries can result from taking a shower to simply sitting on the toilet. The combination of slick, wet surfaces, forced awkward positions getting in and out of the tub or shower or on and off the toilet creates decreasing flexibility and mobility. This can lead to a serious injury and expensive medical bills.

A good place to start accident-proofing your bathroom is with grab bars. These can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom, whether it’s to help get in or out of the shower or bath tub or for assistance getting on or off the toilet.

Another essential is a shower chair to keep you in a seated position as you shower instead of standing, which puts you at a higher risk of falling. A raised toilet seat can also ease transitions on and off the toilet for those with decreased flexibility.

Making sure that your bathroom is a safe bathroom should be a priority. Take some time to evaluate what changes you can make, and visit Medical Department Store for all of the bathroom safety equipment from bathing accessories, tilt-in-space shower chairs, transfer benches and bath lifts you or your loved ones need.

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