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Brain Injury- Getting the Attention it Needs at the Expense of Others

Posted on: March 25th, 2014 in Brain Injury by MDSBlogger |

Medical Department Store recognizes March as Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Although brain injuries are very common (1.7 million people sustain a TBI annually), this type of injury does not always get a lot of attention in the media. There has been more attention on the subject in the last few years, but sadly that usually followed a tragedy by some person or a group.

When news reporter Bob Woodruff suffered a brain injury in 2006 while covering the war, he used his position to bring more attention to this type of injury. Woodruff’s injury from shrapnel in the field helped to bring more attention to the soldiers who were suffering brain injuries at record levels.  Reports say that up to 19 percent of returning active duty veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have TBIs. These injuries can be from shrapnel, helicopter crashes, gunshot wounds, blasts and motor vehicle accidents, many of which are IED related. Many soldiers have sustained injuries to the brain, but in many of the past wars, the medical care was not there treat them as the soldiers died. Quick medical response and advancements in battle field treatment has saved the lives of many more soldiers.

When U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head in an attempted assignation back in 2011, the world saw the brutality and much of the recovery that happens with a traumatic brain injury. Her story brought even more attention to this problem.

Another big attention getter in the area of brain injury has been the long-term effects of concussions in the NFL. In the last few years, a number of former NFL players are now experiencing the effects of their years of getting hurt, inadequate pads and helmets and team trainers and doctors who sent them back in to play too soon, are crying foul. The NFL has already paid out millions in lawsuits to players and their families for players who are experiencing Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

If you are living with a brain injury or are caring for someone who has one, let the Medical Department Store help you. Visit our online catalog for lift chairs and patient lifts to canes and scooters and more.

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