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Airhawk Cushions: Made to Perform

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 in Airhawk Cushion by MDSBlogger |
Motorcycle cushions

Airhawk cushions can be used in many ways to make you more comfortable. These cushions are perfect motorcycle seat covers to make long rides completely comfortable.

The unsurpassed comfort of Airhawk cushions are not only for wheelchairs; also motorcycles, vehicles, and sports activities. While cruising on the motorcycle on a summer’s day, your last mile will feel like the first because you are no longer worried about trying to stay comfortable.

The patented Airhawk system in each innovatively designed cushion promotes consistent blood flow longer than the competitors’ products. Memory foam, gel, and other products do not compare to the Airhawk design.

The Medical Department Store knows that sitting for a long time, whether in a wheelchair or on a motorcycle, can get hot and painful. Want to know the best part about the Airhawk cushions? You eliminate the hot seat factor. Open mesh panels let air flow into the cushion, in turn reducing heat buildup.

Interconnected air cells evenly distribute weight and pressure across the entire motorcycle seat. This not only makes your ride smoother, it can now be more enjoyable because you will want to ride more. These interconnected air cells also work as shock absorbers and reduce vibrations caused by the motorcycle.

The Airhawk cushions are made to be affordable, portable, and there is a sizing chart to see which cushion size will work for your motorcycle’s brand and shape. If you are still unsure why you should buy an Airhawk cushion from the Medical Department Store, we can give you a few more reasons.

Not only are Airhawk Cushions top of the line, they are made to perform so you can enjoy every bit of cruising on your motorcycle. There are a variety of cushions for you to choose from that will fit within your budget. The Medical Department Store not only provides for your home medical needs, but everyday living products like motorcycle cushions.


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