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Portable Oxygen Concetrators

Posted on: October 23rd, 2008 in by medicaldepartmentstore | No Comments

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are now letting Millions of Oxygen users regain there much sought ofter Independence and mobility. No longer having to worry about filling and delivery of tanks, Scheduling of equipment at there destination. Users now have a self-contained
Portable Oxygen Systems now again able to travel again visit family, vacation enjoy an active life.

Currently four units maintain a dominant position in the marketplace and we hope this little article will help you choose the correct model. Most Portable Concentrators can be rented or purchased, suited to fit your budget and travel needs. With Portable Concentrators that now have up to a 8 hour battery life, and FAA approval, travel has never been easier.

The main issue for any traveler on each is battery life, liter flow and the delivery method. The primary is the delivery method, second being battery life. All units are AC/DC powered and battery’s will simultaneously charged and operated.

1) Pulse Dose:(The unit has a trigger mechanism that senses that a patient is request a breath and releases a pulse of oxygen, this greatly extends the battery life of most units.)

2) Continuous Flow: ( This method as expected supplies a continuous flow of oxygen) this method of delivery maximum output is 3 liters.

The Respironics Evergo,

Our recommendation is the Evergo with its Lightweight design, at just 10lbs a great machine with a form factor of a small travel bag, it a great machine for a get away.

  • 8 hour battery life at 2 liters
  • just 10 lbs
  • Non-medical design
  • Pulse dose up to 6 Liters

However with limitations, the unit provide a traveler a great travel machine, however the unit is not recommend for nocturnal clients.

Sequels Eclipse

 Sequels eclipse is the only  Portable Concentrator on the market today , featuring continuous flow (3 liters) but will provide up to 6 liters. The Concentrator weighs in a 17lb but comes packaged with a cart to make transportation easy. With the Continuous flow the machine can be used with for sleep, making it a full travel machine.

  • Continuous Flow up to 3 liters
  • Sleep friendly machine
  • Desingh for 24-7 use

The XP O2 by Invacare


Invacare XP02

Invacare XP02

The newest machine on the market today, at just 6 pounds it’s a engineering marvel. Light weight travel friendly concentrator, destined for patient needing up to 6 liters on pulse-dose oxygen. The battery life of the units is 2.5 hours a 2LT., a recommended option is a portable battery belt with double the battery life to 5 hours.

  • Just 6 pounds travel friendly
  • up to 5 hours of battery life
  • backed by a 5 year limited warranty

The inogen One

I Powerhouse of a unit, the Cadillac of Portable Concentrators, The Inogen One is a well though out machine. It again is a pulse dose unit, however the pulse mechanism is user friendly set to trigger at .002 the unit can be used for most patients for sleep when approved by there physician. The units battery life is up to 3 hours and its lightweight design is just 9.8 lbs.

If your in the market and looking for advice and a great price, We have experts on staff to help you choose the proper Oxygen Concentrator for your needs. My friends at the Medical Department Store have a trained staff ready to help you choose the right product, tailored for you needs.

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