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Roho Cushion Selection

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 in Roho Cushions by medicaldepartmentstore |

Roho Cushions can provide comfort and prevent skin damage. However, how do you choose the right ROHO Cushion? Roho offers a number of great cushioning products, and Medical Department Store now offers a online ROHO Cushion Selector. 

Roho Quattro Cushions

  1. High risk of skin breakdown
  2. Impaired Skin Condition
  3. Predominate or bony areas
  4. Lack of sensation
  5. Positioning

Roho High-Proflie Cushions

  1. High risk of skin breakdown
  2. Impaired Skin Condition
  3. Predominate or boney areas
  4. Lack of sensation

Low-Profile Roho Cushions

  1. Patient able to shift weight
  2. Looking for comfort
  3. Low chance for skin breakdown

Roho Enhancer Cushion

  1. Provides skin protection
  2. Provides seating support/ positioning
  3. Provides comfort

Above are the top-sellers in the the Roho Cushion protection line. We offer many other Roho products, Such as Roho Mattress Systems, LTV cushions, and the AirHawk Cushions. Should you need help choosing a Roho Cushion, our trained representatives are available at 866-218-0902

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