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Choosing your CPAP Machine

Posted on: May 8th, 2009 in by medicaldepartmentstore | No Comments

The New technologies in CPAP machines has developed rapidly in the past few years, improvements have been dramatic. This rapid increase may have left you unaware and disadvantage using your traditional CPAP.

For clients that have previously failed at CPAP therapy as well as existing and new clients. The new product lines now on the market can dramatically improve your sleep as well as your health. They are defiantly worth a look into.

Respironics & Resmed the leaders in this market place, have added new features, SmartCards, C-Flex, A-Flex, Easy Breath. All are branding names but the technology, now so sophisticated has dramatically improved the compliance of both new and existing users.

Consider a basic Cpap Machine from 5 years ago, any real technology?  No just a basic fan blower pushing in a measured supply of air.

Now this is where the advances in real technology has come in!

Respironics “C-flex” is used on a Respironics Pro & Respironics Plus Series Cpap Machines, It’s advanced feature the slightly reduces the pressure of the machine as your begin to take a breath and brings it up to your prescribed pressure prior to exhaling. This makes using the machine much more comfortable and helps to increase compliance. Three advanced setting allow the client to adjust to their desired preference. We’re finding almost all the Physicians are now requesting this option for their clients;

Resmeds “Easy Breathe with EPR” This feature is available on Resmeds “Escape” and Resmeds “Elite” Cpap machines. The advance feature adjusts the pressure just as you begin to take a breath, and the “EPR” has three adjustment settings that allow the client to finds the best comfort level. This is the top feature being requested by the Physicians for our new clients.

A-flex is available with a Auto CPAP, “Respironics Auto CPAP“,  This is the a great machine and what I personal use, Its designed to adjust to your needs, The Machine adjust to your breathing pattern, as the amount of pressure needed is different based on your sleeping position,. (Back-Side-Belly). As your needs change the Machine adjusts to that need. This machine then further adjusts like the C-Flex making breathing and sleeping easier…

Smart Cards– A brand new Down-loadable interface that records your Sleeping Patterns and CPAP usage. It’s a wonderful tool for both you and your physician, just pull the card from your CPAP machine and bring it to your Physician on your next visit. The Physician can adjust your pressure, change and adjust your sleep settings. Read a downloaded report that shows your sleep patterns, no need for another sleep study.
In a comparison of both the Respironics or Resmed Cpap machines, it’s just your personal Choice, there both great lines. Please take the time to discuss with your Physician which model is best for your needs

Enjoy a Goodnight sleep again,
Thank you

From the Staff of the

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